Many years of experience in providing legal services

Our law firm provided professional legal advice to a wide range of domestic as well as foreign clients, from local entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, operating in the territory of the Slovak Republic in various branches of economy, industry, banking and finance, advertising and marketing, trade, as well as agriculture and services. We also advised domestic and foreign natural persons on matters concerning inheritance law, including representation of such persons before the courts in cases concerning recovery of their legitimate property claims, matters concerning real estate law and construction law as well as on matters involving the health detriment of patients caused by wrongful provision of healthcare.

Below we would like to name few of our clients as well as present our key legal expertise and provide examples of legal matters and transactions on which our law firm has advised.

Legal advice for companies

Advising one of the subsidiaries of the leading Swiss investment fund operating in the field of real estate and finance
Providing a long-term complex legal assistance related to business activities of the company. The most important matters on which we advised in the past include legal advice on the local legal matters of the foundation and establishment of the business company, increase and reducing of the registered capital, execution of appropriate due diligence in connection with the acquisition of real estate and the assessment of existing risks, drafting of necessary contractual documentation in connection with the acquisition of ownership of real estate as well as providing for registration of the property rights with the Real estate cadastre. Currently we advise on matters concerning negotiation of contracts on the lease of the non-residential premises, drafting of contracts on the technical administration of the buildings, termination of lease, recovery of debts as well as asserting of claims for damages.

Advising an important Slovak business company that is one of the subsidiaries of the German global leader in the chemical distribution market
Providing a long-term complex legal assistance related to business activities of the company. Our firm has been involved in a number of standard and non-standard corporate matters and procedures, such as advising on local legal matters of the establishment and operation of a local subsidiary, preparation of contractual documentation required for merger of business companies, increase of the registered capital, advising on matters of capitalization of receivables, providing for necessary corporate changes and their registration with the Commercial register, advising on acquisition and purchase of real estates as well as providing of a complex legal service connected with debt recovery including representation of the client in bankruptcy and restructuring proceeding of its debtors. We also regularly advise the client on the employment law matters, including drafting of employment contracts, working regulations and other intern employment acts and represent the client as employer in negotiations of conclusion of a collective agreement with the competent trade union body. Besides the above, our firm also provides legal analyses and legal opinions concerning the damage claims, general business legal assistance and advices on matters connected with personal data protection.

Advising a core foreign bank specializing in provision of financial services to medium-sized companies
Performing legal audit in connection with securing receivables of the financing bank as well as assessing of their enforceability, advising on security instruments under Slovak law and drafting of required documentation (in particular agreements on establishment of the pledge over ownership interests, real estate, receivables, movables), including the registration of the concerned pledge with the competent Commercial register and the Notarial central registry of pledges as well as with the competent Real estate cadastre.


Legal advice for natural persons

Medical law matters
Successful representation of numerous natural persons in proceedings regarding their claims for compensation of damage to their health and compensation for non-pecuniary loss caused as a result of an improper healthcare provision. Our law firm has successfully recovered the reimbursement for damage of our clients’ health and their non-pecuniary loss from the responsible healthcare providers, and this based on out-of-court settlements as well as in proceedings before the courts.

Inheritance cases
We represented clients in inheritance proceedings involving the inheritance of real estate, funds, business interests, specific types of movable property and have assisted them in resolving various problems related to inheritance proceedings, including finding the way in which individual claims of heirs can be settled, representation in disputes over right to claim an inheritance, as well representation in communication with banks, other financial institutions and various state authorities.

We provided comprehensive legal advice to foreign clients – heirs of Slovak citizens or citizens of foreign states owning property in the Slovak Republic and we assisted them at every stage of the inheritance proceedings before the competent Slovak court or notary. We advised clients, among others, on assessing the validity of the will, the legality of the actions taken by the inheritance administrator, determining the value of the inheritance and we helped them draft the inheritance agreement and find the method of settling the claims of the creditors of the deceased.

We cooperated with foreign colleagues in resolving partial issues concerning the inheritance of property located in the territory of the Slovak Republic within the inheritance proceedings led before foreign courts or notaries, as well as in assessing the applicable law and jurisdiction in specific cases containing a foreign element.

Marriage and family law matters
We provided legal advice to clients in divorce proceedings, including the divorce of a marriage with minor children, in which we helped the spouses find a mutually acceptable way of regulation their rights to their minor children.

We also assisted clients in resolving their property disputes, especially with respect to the settlement of the spouses’ tenancy in common. In this respect we helped clients negotiate the agreement on the settlement of the tenancy in common and in cases in which it was not possible to find a solution outside of court we represented the interests of our clients in court proceedings.

Our effort in family law matters is to find a compromise solution to the dispute, ideally without the need for the involvement of a court that takes into account the individual needs of clients but also remembers the needs and interests of minors, which should always be the highest priority in these types of cases.