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Medical law

Medical law

In the recent time we have witnessed more frequent complications occurring during the provision of healthcare being of such a serious character that they result in health injury to the patient. In this regard it is necessary to emphasize that each individual who has suffered physical, moral or mental harm caused by the treatment during the provision of healthcare is entitled to an adequate compensation in a reasonable period of time.

In case the medical personnel breach their duty it is necessary to thoroughly review the process of healthcare provision, mainly with respect to its compliance with the legal regulations governing issues of medical law. Due to this reason it is appropriate to contact a lawyer even in cases of suspicion of a breach of duty who will assess the facts, determine whether the rights of the patient have been infringed, specify what kind of liability for breach of duty is to be applied in a particular case and finally define potential claims of the aggrieved patient.

Our law firm has noticed an increasing interest of the patients in claiming their rights through litigation as well as out-of-court settlement. Since the respective field of law is rather new and it is difficult for the patient to get acquainted with it without any professional help, it is advisable for him/her to be represented by a qualified lawyer. This is necessary mainly in order to prevent improper interpretation of the relevant situation as well as to avoid unnecessary procedural errors. Except for the representation of the patient in court proceedings our law firm focuses on the provision of other legal services connected therewith such as representation vis-a-vis insurance companies, reimbursement in case of occupational injury and representation at the Healthcare Surveillance Authority.

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