Firstly, let us remind you that according to Slovak law, employee may terminate their employment with employer by notice for any reason and even without giving any reason. On the other hand, employer may do so only for the reasons set out in the Labour Code. The notice must be made in writing and must be duly delivered to the other party (otherwise it is invalid).

Where notice has been given by either employee or employer, employment will terminate on expiry of the notice period.

The length of notice period varies depending on (i) the reasons for such notice of termination, (ii) the length of the employment relationship at the employer as well as on (iii) whether the notice was given by employer or employee. The length of notice in individual cases is stipulated in the Slovak Labour Code, namely in Section 62. The notice period is at least one month unless the Labour Code Act stipulates a longer period.

Once the notice is delivered to the other party, the notice period commences on the first day of the calendar month following delivery of the termination notice and ends on the last day of the particular calendar month.

In this regard we also wish to emphasize that stating the length of the notice period or reference to the relevant provisions of the Labour Code (or alternatively of the collective agreement), is mandatory requirement for each employment contract.