We would like to draw your attention to the fact that every business company seated in Slovakia (irrespective of its legal form) has an electronic mailbox that is automatically activated for delivery. All public authorities are entitled to deliver documents to this mailbox without having to deliver them also physically.

The access to the electronic mailbox requires (i) the authorized person to have Slovak ID card with an electronic chip (eID card) and activated online eID function and (ii) the company to have a special card reader and a special software for login (eID client).

The person authorized to access the electronic mailbox is the company’s statutory body (e.g. in case of a LLC its managing director). Should the managing director be a foreign citizen who does not have a permanent (or other) residence in Slovakia, the managing director must either apply for a special card at the competent authority which would allow him/her to monitor the mailbox by himself/herself or authorize other person to monitor the electronic mailbox for the company (e.g. the law firm).

We advise to monitor the mailbox on regular basis. Otherwise, a company may receive some important post from the state authorities and have no knowledge thereof (and e.g. not meet the prescribed statutory periods for fulfilment of the obligations as a result).