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Voluntary winding up of the company in Slovakia

In case the business of the company does no longer meet the shareholders’ expectations, they may decide to wind up their company and undergo the process of the company’s liquidation. The liquidation process of the Slovak company encompasses two stages: Firstly, the general meeting of the company or its sole...
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Working time and overtime work in Slovakia

Unlike other legislations, the Slovak law provides for a rather detailed regulation of employees’ working time and questions connected therewith and thus requires employers to observe several rules set forth in the Slovak Labour Code in this regard. Let us inform you about some of these rules that each employer...
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Trademark registration in Slovak Republic

Definition of trade mark According to Slovak Act No. 506/2009 Coll. on Trade marks, a trade mark is verbal, figurative, three-dimensional or combined sign which is capable of distinguishing goods and services on the market. The above Act specifies in detail the exclusions from registration as well as the signs...
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